Pilgrimage Shrines in Central Europe c. 1500 (II): By Type, Interactive Map


The Interactive Map shows the shrines by type. They can be further explores by clicking on the dots directly or by selecting a shrine from the location list. In addition, one can create separate maps for the three types of shrines. To do this, go to the pre-selection menue in the upper right hand corner, and change "All" to either Christ, Mary, or Saint. A different map will appear at each instance. These maps cannot be queried using the location list, and please not that locations can reappear in two or even three categories/maps if (multiple) shrines existing there were devoted to different types. The maps do show, though, that the spatial distribution of shrines devoted to Mary and Christ was more universal, while that of the saints was a feature of the south. This led L. Rothkrug to believe that local 'folk piety' to saints in the south acted as a bulwark against the spread of protestantism, while the more universal deities of Mary and Christ would not disturb or even prevent protestantism, but rather were adapted to the new creed when and where it successfully appeared. (A. Kunz / R. Simar)


Interactive Map


  © Andreas Kunz / ECAI